Who & Why?

I come from a large French-Canadian family and grew up on the East side of Manchester, New Hampshire. My city's history and the story of how my state came to lead the world at one time has always served as an inspiration for the big thing we could do in this nation.


I had the fortunate pleasure of growing up with multiple generations that have seen this country rise, fall, and rise again. I heard the stories, I learned about the struggles, and saw where we came from and how we got to where we are now.

But the time has come for a new generation of responsible and community-focused leaders to rise. It's been far too long that our nation's House of Representatives, our house of THE PEOPLE have listened to the people they should be there to serve.

I know that we can be better.

I know that we can do better.

I know that I am the person to lead our State forward and shine the national spotlight on our nation's needs and faults. If we work together, we can build a better New Hampshire and a better United States.

Image by Joakim Honkasalo


Councilman Dumont graduated from the University of New Hampshire in May of 2017 with a Bachelor's in Political Science, and a minor in Asian Studies. While attending the University of New Hampshire, Zachary spent time abroad in China, in addition to studying Mandarin and Chinese political history. Additionally, he spent time in student government working to support the student body and alleviate the burdens facing undergraduates.

In 2018, Zachary took his seat on the Newmarket Town Council and has served the public dutifully since, sitting on the Municipal Budget Committee, the ad hoc Water Rights Subcommittee, and the newly created Ordinance Oversight Committee.

PO Box 311, Newmarket, NH 03857

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