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Americans need and deserve regular, affordable healthcare. We must remove the barriers that constrict our health market and allow encourage consumer-focused healthcare. Let’s let patients & doctors decide care needs.

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For the past 75 years, the United States has been at war. We’ve lost thousands of men and women, spent trillions of dollars, and usurped the rights of millions of Americans. It’s time to end the fighting and restore our constitutional rights.

Justice Scale


We need to address how we treat bad actors in the United States. The American psyche has become so focused on punishing criminals that we’ve dehumanized victims and create a system that’s impossible to break free from.

Dollar Bills


In America, our government thrives off of promising programs it cannot afford and encourages a pattern of reckless spending. Let’s get our debt under control and reduce our burden to the American taxpayer.

School Bus & Children


The United States has come a long way in preserving our natural environment. Everyone deserves access to breathable air and clean water. We need to ensure a clean and healthy future for the next generation.

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It has become too expensive to afford even the most basic of necessities, including housing and basic services. We must end the inflation of our dollar and devaluation of our labor. It's time for the dollar to mean something again.



The Bill of Rights encodes some of our most precious and at risk rights, outlined by our Framers to ensure that we never lose sight of their importance. I will always support our First Amendment and vote to protect it.

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Americans deserve the right to protect themselves and their families. While there can be no question that bad actors can obtain firearms, no law will stop that. Prohibiting personal defense only leads to an at-risk populace.



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