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And they’re in!

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has handed in all 4,000+ ballot petitions required for its 1st and 2nd district candidates. Councilor Dumont, who drove 370 miles today, was glad for the opportunity to see the state and interact with Town/City clerks across the state.

It was a long ride, but worth it. We need to ensure that every voter who believes we should have equal ballot access has their petition validated."

Clerks and Supervisors' of the Checklist will have until Aug 26 to determine the validity of all petitions passed in and inform the Libertarian Party’s campaigns the number of valid petitions.

Following Judge LaPlante’s order, Councilor Dumont requires 975 petitions in order to be certified for ballot access. This represents a 35% reduction in the normal ballot requirement of 1,500.

There’s no question that we have enough, but we’ll have to wait and see.
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