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Ballot Access: Secured

Earlier this morning, Councilor Dumont returned to the State House but this time, he had some 2,000 certified petitions in hand for the Secretary of State, Bill Gardner. Along with the help of a number of LPNH candidates, present and former, officers, and the employment of paid petitioners, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has once again secured ballot access for its candidates and the people of New Hampshire.

This year alone, we've spent nearly $20,000 to gain the same access to the ballots that Republicans and Democrats have for a tenth of the cost and one hundredth of the effort. Perhaps one day soon, we won’t need to jump through these nonsensical hoops for basic political freedom, but until that happens, I’m glad we can at least put this year behind us. Now, we have an election to win. - Councilor Dumont

The certification notice came in shortly after delivery and the campaign is excited to say the least. We look forward to earning the votes of every New Hampshire resident.

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